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#23 - Changelog Version 1.0.6 [Comment]
Version 1.0.6 - 2008-01-28 - SWB
BUGFIX: Changed kots_pconvert back because I was stupid and didn't realize kots_power was already taken
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue causing people with little or no armor to take very little damage
CHANGE: Added a check for duplicate commands to prevent myself from doing stupid stuff in the future
At 2008-01-29 19:18:45 by Dave Is. 103 comments

#22 - Changelog Version 1.0.5 [Comment]
Version 1.0.5 - 2008-01-27 - SWB
BUGFIX: Antiweapon couldn't be selected from the weapons menu
BUGFIX: kots_buy and a few other commands now work while dead
BUGFIX: There was a bug with rocket launcher splash damage not being increased by munition until level 7
BUGFIX: Shotgun was only firing 12 pellets instead of 18
BUGFIX: Fixed an issue where the grappling hook could be fired multiple times
BUGFIX: Powers can no longer be trained if they are resisted and vice versa
BUGFIX: Armor regen was only giving 10 per power antiweapon and not counting the weapon antiweapon bonus
BUGFIX: EMP Shockwave disabled regen/timed abilities for 15 seconds instead of 6 seconds like it should
CHANGE: Changed the way tech resist works to make it work like KOTS2000
CHANGE: Tech resist is no longer taken into account for spawn armor
CHANGE: Lowered shotgun damage back down to 16 damage per pellet with the fix for pellet count
CHANGE: Hand grenades only do splash damage when stepped on now instead of the full blast
CHANGE: Grenade launcher grenades can now be stepped on
CHANGE: Level 6 HG now allows you to enable/disable a shorter 2 second fuse
CHANGE: Changed detonate to do a flat 120 damage and then add bonus from munition and weapon level past 6
CHANGE: Detonate now does 1/4 of the damage to yourself excluding quad damage bonuses
CHANGE: Modified some of the character server code to help improve reliability when there are connection issues
CHANGE: kots_pconvert will now stay on after dying and between maps
CHANGE: Increased bide starting damage to 200 for level 1
CHANGE: Increased bide starting blast radius by 25%
CHANGE: Sabre can now be fired again nearly instantly if let go during mid attack to finish the remaining frames
CHANGE: When sabre is cut short after 0.9 seconds all frames will start over again
CHANGE: Spiral can now be cast immediately after your last spiral finishes
CHANGE: Increased time between throwing other players to give them just enough time to dodge before the next throw
CHANGE: Tballing other players only gives you experience if you do not tball yourself
CHANGE: Modified fly to be more likely to use a cube when tapping the button
CHANGE: Made some changes to prevent people from logging out and picking up their packs with a different character
CHANGE: Implemented some new features to help aid in catching dummykillers
CHANGE: Expack per level damage increase has been reduced to 10 damage per level
CHANGE: The command kots_pconvert is now kots_power
CHANGE: The command kots_spiritswim is now kots_swim
CHANGE: Added the strength level 7 ability that cuts level 10 weapon effects in half
CHANGE: Added the strength level 10 ability that makes you immune to level 10 weapon effects
CHANGE: Increased VitArmor spawn bonus to 10
At 2008-01-29 19:18:21 by Dave Is. 16 comments

#21 - Changelog Version 1.0.4 [Comment]
Version 1.0.4 - 2008-01-08 - SWB
BUGFIX: Fixed a very rare occassion where someone could be logged in as your character if you disconnect while still logging in
BUGFIX: Fixed a crash that could occur from someone disconnecting before their character is loaded and attempting to log them out
BUGFIX: Fixed a crash that could occur if there was an error updating the rune list from the server
BUGFIX: Fixed obituary when dying from fake shards
BUGFIX: Wisdom 4 would cause you to take 1 damage to things you are immune to
BUGFIX: Some splash damages were contributing to accuracy when they shouldn't
BUGFIX: Mines were not being destroyed correctly on spawns and were causing players to take full damage
CHANGE: Made some overall improvements to the character server code
CHANGE: Fake shard is now available at tech 5
CHANGE: Fake shard does 100 damage at tech 5 and 200 at tech 7
CHANGE: Fake shard now does 75% of remaining damage to health once armor is all gone
CHANGE: Shotgun now does 17 damage at level 6 and the refire upgrade is slightly faster at level 4
CHANGE: Resisting throw now decreases throw distance by 80%
At 2008-01-29 19:17:58 by Dave Is. 17 comments

#20 - Changelog Version 1.0.3 [Comment]
Version 1.0.3 - 2008-01-04 - SWB
BUGFIX: Tballing while falling no longer results in taking falling damage
BUGFIX: Unable to connect to QuakeDev through the servers menu
CHANGE: Player credits are now level / 2 + 1
CHANGE: Tballing now ignores the closest spawn to you
CHANGE: Flashlight state now persists through levels
CHANGE: Increased monster experience slightly
CHANGE: Increased shotgun damage at multiple levels, level 6 now does 16 damage per shot
CHANGE: Grenades can now only be detonated when primed
At 2008-01-29 19:17:20 by Dave Is. 17 comments

#19 - Changelog Version 1.0.2 [Comment]
Version 1.0.2 - 2008-01-03 - SWB
BUGFIX: Strength 4 only gave blast resistance against grenade launcher
BUGFIX: Players will no longer get squished or hit by objects at map end
BUGFIX: If a server fails to load a map after a vote or when trying to go to the next map it will be removed from maplist and same map reloaded
BUGFIX: Detonate was costing two ammo instead of one
CHANGE: Decreased the time it takes between detonates and throwing another grenade
CHANGE: Slowed down HG refire rate upgrade slightly
CHANGE: Made some more minor adjustments to splash damage
CHANGE: Added command kots_hgtimer on/off to enable/disable resetting of timer on grenades
CHANGE: Added command kots_hgspeed on/off to enable/disable fixed speed for throwing grenades
At 2008-01-29 19:16:34 by Dave Is. 16 comments

#18 - Changelog Version 1.0.1 [Comment]
BUGFIX: A direct hit that also caused splash damage would be counted as more than one hit in accuracy
BUGFIX: Changes to character server code should prevent the already logged in message on the next map
BUGFIX: The number of seconds for dropping the next mine always showed 0 in the message
CHANGE: Indexed sound for rail deflect at the beginning of every map to ensure it gets played
CHANGE: Detonate now only detonates the grenade currently in your hand
CHANGE: Modified the splash damage done on hand grenades and rocket launcher slightly
CHANGE: Made some optimizations to the character server code
CHANGE: Added some new admin and server commands
CHANGE: Added stat tracking for total credits received and total packs picked up
CHANGE: Increased default previous maps not votable to 5
CHANGE: Added a server cvar to allow servers to configure number of previous maps (minimum of 1)
At 2008-01-29 19:16:09 by Dave Is. 17 comments

#17 - Changelog Version 1.0 [Comment]
Version 1.0 - 2007-12-23 - SWB
BUGFIX: Monsters sprees ended at 50 and distributed points which could be exploited
BUGFIX: There was a problem with percent (%) signs in text since the implementation of %a and %h shortucts
BUGFIX: Third beam on bfg was only doing half damage
BUGFIX: Player items could be dropped during intermission and when dead
BUGFIX: VitArmor gave 75 armor per level on respawn instead of 5
BUGFIX: Haste could be used while dead
BUGFIX: Map rotation would sometimes pick the same map if no other map could be picked because of maplist settings
BUGFIX: Monsters were not searching for a new target when arriving at their destination when no players have been spotted
BUGFIX: Certain server configurations could cause the server to immediately crash when it tries to change to it's initial map
BUGFIX: Fixed a timing issue with dropped invulnerabilities
BUGFIX: Fixed a problem with picking up player dropped quad damages and invulns that can give the full timer if you pick it up on the exact frame it expires on
BUGFIX: Spiral wasn't hitting as often as it should
BUGFIX: Spirals that were partly in water would only show up underwater
CHANGE: Indexed a few more weapon sounds at the start of the map
CHANGE: Removed screen shake on bfg while firing
CHANGE: Reduced refire time on bfg
CHANGE: Monster exp is only given on damage now and not after a kill
CHANGE: Killing players more than 10 levels below or less than a quarter of your level doesn't count toward sprees
CHANGE: Reduced EMP effects to 6 seconds as in K2K
CHANGE: Reduced GL dizzy effects to 5 seconds
CHANGE: Rune name is kept on display during intermission
CHANGE: Tweaked quad rage slightly by increasing damage counter from 600 to 800
CHANGE: Modified the experience system again
CHANGE: Munition now affects spiral and expack damage like it should
CHANGE: Hand grenades now explode when you walk on top of them
CHANGE: Hyperblaster level 2 and higher now fires at the normal Quake 2 firing speed
CHANGE: Hand grenades at level 4 or higher can now be detonated using kots_detonate
CHANGE: Hand grenades can be thrown quicker at level 2 and up
CHANGE: Doubled the respawn amount when your respawn weapon is grenades
CHANGE: Added %p, %w, %s, %r, and %f
CHANGE: Added vote map next feature
CHANGE: Added the ability for observers to chat with eachother without in-game players hearing it using say_team or messagemode2
CHANGE: Decreased hyperblaster stun length to 0.1 seconds
CHANGE: Hand grenade splash damage now increases at a third the rate of normal damage for each level
CHANGE: Hand grenades and grenade launcher now calculate munition for splash damage
CHANGE: Hand grenades and grenade launcher now calculate quad damage for splash damage
CHANGE: Added a motd cvar for servers to configure the path for their motd file
CHANGE: Added some more admin commands
CHANGE: Expack can't be touched for 1 second after dropping
CHANGE: Karma 6 is now required to cure poison when picking up dead player stims
CHANGE: When spectating someone if no one is in your line of site for karma id then the person you're chasing is used
CHANGE: Bide damage counter now starts at 150 and increases by 50 for each level of bide you have trained
CHANGE: Reduced monster experience slightly
CHANGE: Message of the day is now printed in the center of the screen
CHANGE: Made some minor improvements in communication with the character server
CHANGE: Monsters no longer receive damage bonuses against eachother
CHANGE: Monsters no longer vampire more health than the player had
CHANGE: Monsters no longer receive more damage from empathy than the player had health
CHANGE: Conflagration rockets and grenades now take munition and quad into account for splash damage
CHANGE: Munition and weapon level damage percentages now add together before coming up with the final number
CHANGE: Wisdom 4 no longer grants full immunity to low types of damage such as the top of slime
CHANGE: Prevented more than one of the same rune from dropping on a map
CHANGE: Headshots now have only a 10% damage bonus
CHANGE: Modified bide radius calculation so it doesn't grow so rapidly with little damage
At 2008-01-29 19:15:42 by Dave Is. 17 comments

#16 - Changelog Version 134 [Comment]
Rev 134 (RC1) 2007-12-18 - SWB
BUGFIX: Another small bug in chaingun accuracy
BUGFIX: Hyperblaster changes were discussed and speed is faster, but damage was never lowered
BUGFIX: The sprees broken and spreewars broken stats were being incremented for the person spreeing and not the breaker
BUGFIX: There was a bug in calculating the number of points purchased when buying player points after multiple masteries
BUGFIX: Fixed some bugs with spawn farthest that can cause predictable spawning when there are no players or no monsters
BUGFIX: Longest spree stat was never able to reach 50
BUGFIX: A spiral bug could cause up to 1024 hits in one frame from spiral usually resulting in instant death
BUGFIX: Conflagration hits no longer count toward accuracy
BUGFIX: Bide damage counted toward accuracy
BUGFIX: Players could drop their invulnerability from respawn
BUGFIX: Players wouldn't be spawn kicked if they had invulnerability from respawn
BUGFIX: Other players could still hear item pickups with dex 2
BUGFIX: Certain monster damages were not getting the bonuses that they should
BUGFIX: Weapon points required 2 to add one past 6, but only took 1 point away
CHANGE: Changed some of the exp bonuses for spreeing
CHANGE: Changed the way player levels factor into experience
CHANGE: Previous maps only count if played for more than a minute or the fraglimit is hit
CHANGE: Previous 7 maps cannot be voted on
CHANGE: Too many vote failures will result in the map not being able to be voted for until the next map
CHANGE: Number of seconds to wait before dropping next mine is now displayed
CHANGE: Changed the text when joining the game
CHANGE: Added ability for admins to ban a player by IP Address
CHANGE: Expack no longer causes damage when it explodes after being out too long
CHANGE: Added a new kots_toss ability that lifts packs away from you to be tossed at opponents
CHANGE: Mines can be dropped once every 5 seconds now
CHANGE: Score is now displayed from server listings instead of frags
CHANGE: Made some minor changes to help prevent hook from causing falling damage so much
CHANGE: Added shortcut for hg when using kots_weapon and other commands
CHANGE: Decreased all levels of hook speed slightly
CHANGE: Monster damage calculations have been changed slightly, the end result is more damage per level for monsters
CHANGE: Quad rage counter no longer counts damage dealt past 0 health
CHANGE: Decreased amount of damage required to trigger quad rage
CHANGE: Decreased the amount taken from the quad rage counter on death
CHANGE: Training weapons past level 6 now requires 2 weapon points per level
CHANGE: Weapons past level 6 now increase damage at 2.5% per level of weapon 6 damage
At 2007-12-18 19:33:34 by Dave Is. 18 comments

#15 - Changelog Version 132 [Comment]
Rev 132 2007-11-27 - SWB
BUGFIX: If you used conflagration while still in the middle of one it would take more health instead of giving you a message
BUGFIX: A split vote between mixed and monsters only resulted in it switching every 15 seconds
BUGFIX: Prevented medics from trying to resurrect corpses that can't be resurrected
CHANGE: Added a message after changing monster vote to indicate that your vote was changed
CHANGE: Added some messages after buying respawns, player, power, weapon points to indicate the transaction was successful
CHANGE: Conflag now only fires 30 ammo per second instead of 40
CHANGE: Conflagration now requires a combined amount of at least 20 rockets and grenades
CHANGE: Only 2 people can use conflag on a server at once otherwise you will receive a message saying to try again later
CHANGE: Monster vote is carried over from the previous map until the first check interval hits
CHANGE: Limited the maximum radius on bide (don't worry, it's still pretty big)
CHANGE: Modified the calculation to determine how big the bide radius is (it now takes your max health and armor into account)
CHANGE: Added 2 cubes to each stimpack dropped by players on death (no spirit or other bonuses)
At 2007-12-04 14:32:59 by Dave Is. 16 comments

#14 - Changelog Version 131 [Comment]
Rev 131 2007-11-24 - SWB
BUGFIX: Runes no longer make explosions when teleporting away after not being touched in a while
BUGFIX: Fixed yet another bug with medic resurrection causing crashes (this should be the last one)
BUGFIX: Makron corpse no longer leaves behind an invisible wall blocking attacks
BUGFIX: Fixed a few other minor issues with makron corpses not being disposed of properly
BUGFIX: Chaingun was causing some inaccuracies in accuracy
BUGFIX: Monster corpses/skulls could be left with a red shell around them if killed during their temporary invulnerability
BUGFIX: New vote notification had a typo (it said "votes yes" instead of "vote yes")
BUGFIX: Expacks and other items when destroyed would still continue to count against you
CHANGE: Runes now take 3 minutes of inactivity before teleporting away
CHANGE: Invulnerability can now be dropped on death
CHANGE: Added the weapon tree antiweapon finally
CHANGE: Gave all spectators karma id
CHANGE: Changed the way the pointlist is displayed while holding runes or cursed (format is base+bonus or base-penalty)
CHANGE: Lowered drop rate of runes to just 5% of deaths will drop runes
CHANGE: Removed teleport sound from runes when they teleport away
CHANGE: Gave high preference to lifting packs, expacks, and runes (other items will simply not be lifted at all if one of these is in range)
CHANGE: Monster voting is now checked every 15 seconds instead of when votes are changed to prevent spamming vote changes
CHANGE: Added rocket trail behind players using haste
CHANGE: Added kots_gender command to set your characters gender in game
At 2007-11-25 09:31:28 by Dave Is. 17 comments

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